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The Bachelors Mosque

The Bachelors Mosque is a monument of 1st category, of numerous architectural values and represents a high achievement level in building cult objects in the

November 56, 2013 Mosques

The Lead Mosque

The Lead Mosque was built in the early thirties of the sixteenth century, the time of the rule of Sultan Suleiman Kanunorit (1520-1566), a period

November 44, 2013 Mosques

The King Mosque

The King Mosque is one of the main mosques of the city. It is part of the Medieval Center complex and has been built by

March 54, 2013 Mosques

The Red Mosque

Is one of the oldest mosques preserved in the city of Berat. Now is in the ruins where is preserved the prayer hall, with an

January 17, 2013 Mosques
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