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Teqeja-e-Backes 0

Backa’s Tekke

Backa’s Tekke is located in the village of Backa, in the district of Skrapar and belongs to Bektashi sect of the area. Tekkes were built

November 18, 2013 Tekes
teqeja-e-Abas-Aliut 0

Abas Ali Tekke

Abas Ali’s Tekke is located on the south side of Mount Tomori, on top of the mountain called Kulmak, up to 2400 m above sea

November 48, 2013 Tekes
teqeja-e-helvetive 0

The Helveti Teke

It is thought to have been built in the XV century and has been rebuilt by Ahmet Kurt Pasha in 1782. It belongs to the

January 48, 2013 Tekes
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