Church of St. Nicholas is located in the village Perondi Kucova district, about 18 km from the medieval town of Berat and is one of the earliest byzantine monuments in Albania. Over the centuries the church has undergone quite a transformation in architectural aspect. In 1970 the church was subject to a  restoration from the specialists of the Institute of  Monuments.

In its beginnings the monument has been a three naves basilica with central nave set up and narthex and according to researchers the church goes back to XI century. In a second phase during byzantine time, the church was added the narthex and bell tower  wall that is connected with narthex wall. Later the church suffer another intervention, where was applied the technique of  kluasonazh. Another important reconstruction is that the year 1786 ‘, with added arches and roofs rebuilt. The last that transformed mostly the architecture of monument was in 1931. Despite numerous transformations and after different intervention works, the church of St. Nicholas represent today one of the most distinguished byzantine religious monuments in the region.