Church of St. Michael was built on the south side of Berat castle located on a steep rock. The church is a cross-type chapel instilled without internal support, with dome on drum and narthex on the west side. Although at first sight it seems a chapel with small size, in terms of architectural volumes, both in the external and internal appearance monument is very achieved. Construction techniques walls parts is klausonazh (combination of rows of brick with stone) in all its layout. Paintings walls in the interior of the church retains only few trace, the entire surface is covered with a layer of lime. In contrast to other churches in Berat, here observed proportions developed a higher level and a tendency to  perfecting architectural forms. The area where chapel is situated during the bisantine time was part of the lower fortification of Berat castle ruins trace of the monument seem today. The church of St. Michael goes back to the XIV century.