Evangelistic church is located in the village of Kozara, Kucova district. It is a church type basilica.The monument is composed of three naves, Central has a width of 4.4 m and a length of 15.9 m. Two side navas have a width of 2.1 m and a length equal as central one. Naves divided between them by two colonnade with square pillar. The apsida wall is located in the East and has semi-circular form. From the outside it has three stone contraforts. In the southern part of the church exist a  portico with 8 pillar where stone circular shaped arcade supported, the distance between the pillars is about 1m.

Narthex of the church present a rectangle shape with dimensions (10.7 x 5.8 m). The structure is divided into two sections through a colonnade consisting of three columns in a square shape. On the both sides of the narthex stay two other sections service. While on the north side of the church is another service section  with size (18.8 x 3.2 m), which goes parallel to the east-west direction of the monument. In the southern part is also the bell of the church.

Evangelistic Church of Kozara prevails maximum to representing the conservation values ​​in a good condition of the fresco mural, which lies across the inner surface of the walls. In fresco presented different scenes from biblical stories.