Positioned almost at the center of the ensemble of the neighborhood Gorica, church is a  basilical three naves flat ceiling sitting in two side navata.  Central main navat separated from two side navatas two longitudinal arcades set supported on stone columns with capitals worked in basoreliev. Interior of the church distinguished for the volume of spacious  space, significant amount of central navata and decoration ornamentic mainly of wood. Wooden iconostasis was built and placed on the entire length before the entrance to the altar, which is placed in the apse were rebuilt. Producing artistic through the burning of wood are known for working well. At the top of the iconostasis are a set of icons of small dimensions. Apse were rebuilt and is a three-part construction expenditure, where the center is greater than two sides. Mural paintings found only in church interiorit north-est site and appear too damaged. The entrance to the church realized from the narthex, above the entrance is an inscription in greek which dates back to the construction of the monument in 1864. A better quality work is dedicated to building stone belltower located on the north side.