The King Mosque is one of the main mosques of the city. It is part of the Medieval Center complex and has been built by Sultan Bayazit II at the end of the XV century. It is composed by the prayer hall, the porch and the minaret.
In the prayer hall, the massive painted ceiling, the wide two story mafil supported by two wooden columns, the mihrab at the eastern wall and the member on the right side of the mimbar form its decorative structure. In the center of the ceiling are rosettes with inscriptions from various Kuran writings.
A frieze below the ceiling contains the 99 beautiful names of God.
The prayer hall is preceded by an open portico. The portico has its own ceiling and on its northern wall is another mihrab so that the numerous believers can pray even in the portico. It has been built later than the mosque, at the end of the XVIII century by Usta Dush Barka. It is surrounded by an arcade supported by stone columns.
The upper part f the minaret has been rebuilt during these last years while its base has been built by way of the cloisonage technique and is one of the elements which belong to the early construction of the mosque in the XV century. From the outside the mosque is completely plastered and the plaster has been painted so as to recreate the wall structure.