The Cultural and Natural Heritage and the touristic routes  of Berat are presented in a WEBGIS Platform where there are published the maps with the geospatial and attribute data that can be used in a friendly manner by the tourists and other interested stakeholders for the cultural values of South East Europe. This Study is being implemented in the framework of the SUSTCULT Project funded by the European Union, South East Europe Program.The main objective of   SUSTCULT project is to improve the effectivenes of management of cultural heritage sites in the South East Europe.The Sites involved in the SUSTCULT project are : Venice (Italy), Corfu (Greece),Ohrid(FYROM), Vipava Valley (Slovenia),Bacau (Romania), Berat ( Albania ),Monastery of  Hurezi ( Romania).

One focus of the SUSTCULT is:

– to develop a web-based platform for creating, publishing and sharing geospatial and attribute data in order to facilitate the exchange and promotion of cultural heritage based knowledge and to support joint collaboration.
Specific cartographic information will be used to enhance the sustainable use and promotion of the site. It has been possible to create interactive maps integrated with other data such as a text description and images gallery. All these complementary information have support the geographic data and provided more complete description of the heritage site.. Moreover, GIS technology shall help the exchange and sharing of knowledge and data among 7 Sites in order to make available as much information as possible.

The web-gis platform is a tool of the SUSTCULT project for publish, display and share information related to cultural heritage in a user-friendly manner and to promote relevant attractions or economic activities grounded in sustainable tourism principles and valorisation of local cultural identity (traditional activities, specialist retail, local handicraft, green transport services, ecoguides and tour operators).

Such instrument will allow, at the same time to publish thematic maps with touristic routes for the promotion of the 7 pilot sites that form the cultural heritage network of the present project.

Please visit ( WebGIS Platform).