In the framework of the preparation of the Management Plan of Berat, in March 29th 2013 was organized the Workshop for the  Definition of specific projects  in the framework of preparation of Management Plan of Berat Site.

The Workshop was organized by the Expert PNI Studio in cooperation with the local SUSTCULT partners; Berat Municipality and Regional Directorate of National Culture of Berat.

The aim of the Workshop was the preparation of concrete projects/actions coherently with what has been defined as objectives for the Site of Berat.  These projects /actions include the ones that are already financed or to be financed and carried out by the responsible bodies according to the objectives. Specific projects/actions will be grouped originating one Action Plan.

The Workshop involved the participation of eighteen experts , representatives of the local Institutions, the Municipality of Berat, RDNC Berat, Prefecture of Berat, Institute of National Culture in Tirana, Region of Berat ,Historic Museum, the  civil society representatives ,  the cultural heritage experts and stakeholders working in the field of management of Historic Center.

 The recommendations were related to the suggested changes for legal framework of the Site Management, for the zoning of the buffer zone according to UNESCO objectives, for the new functions of the local government related to management of Historic Center, the delegated functions of the local governance institutions for the transferring of the cultural buildings’ ownerships, for the better management of their assets. The suggestions were related with the revitalization projects of the buildings cultural monuments.

 The participants gave their ideas and suggestions ,focused in these main fields : conservation and protection projects; public private partnerships models for the better management of HC; managing capacities of human resources; promotion and marketing of the Site; and for legal regulations in management of HC.