The fifth meeting of the SUSTCULT project was held in 28-29 May 2013 , in Bacau (Romania ) with the participation of 25 representatives from seven cultural sites , the project partners ( Italy , Slovenia , Greece , Romania , Hungary , FYROM and Albania ) .
Sustcult partners in Romania , Bacau Municipality and Local Development Agency (ADL ) , through the welcoming speech, mentioned the importance of the involvement of two sites of Romania in the project ,considering draft management plan as a document wich has not been developed before.
Under the direction of Katri Lisitzin , an expert in the planning and development of integrated courses with emphasis on Cultural Heritage , partners presented the  situations faced in the activities, developed for the management plan especially in the action plan design for the promotion of heritage objectives .
There were also presentation of methods and strategies undertaken by each partner for the involvement of the interest groups on sharing best practices in pilot activities within the management plan .
End of the meeting was followed by a press conference held on May 29 in the Conference Room Business Center . The conference was opened by Mr. Liviu Scarlat (ADL ) which informed the participants about the project and the implementation phase .
While Mr. Vasile Tescaru wanted to clarify the importance that ensemble of the Royal Court has for the city of Bacau  and noted that rehabilitation of monuments can not be realized without an integrated management , that is why the management plan provided by the Sustcult project will be the product that the future efforts will focus on.
Mrs. Katja Basili ( scientific coordinator of the project ), described the institutional cooperation as the only way of getting good results .

Participants underlined the fact that there is a very close connection between culture and economic development , connection that should be stronger .