In the framework of SUSTCULT Project, in 18October 2013 was organized the Workshop 4 for the implementation phase of the Management Plan.

The Objectives of the Workshop were :Evaluation about Action Plan and fiche –projects defined for the Historic Center and Buffer Zone, evaluation of the existing management models of the Site management and discussion about the management models to be used for a better management.

There were feedbacks  about the existing legal framework and definition of some legal forms regarding the management structure for the Site.

During the workshop, the participants shared ideas on the Action Plan prepared and the fiche projects, and also discussed about the main priorities of their work relevant to management of the Site and the main obstacles and problems they find in regard to the actual management structure. They discussed about the actual gaps and advantages in the existing models and the ways of solution, especially in the effective ways of protection and making the monuments livable.

 The participants gave their ideas and feedbacks for the action plan and the  legal frame that must arrange the structure of managing of the Site, and on how the relevant institutions must coordinate their efforts and human resources in order to avoid the abandonment of the houses in the Historic Center, the problems of restoration and civil works in the monuments, the risk management, the involvement of the citizens living in the Site, the landscape and environmental issues, the archaeological excavations and  the funding scheme of the monuments.

The main suggestions were related on which is the most effective administrative model in the situation of reducing costs for human resources, and in the conditions of  the changing scheme of the managing structures.