The Bachelors Mosque is a monument of 1st category, of numerous architectural values and represents a high achievement level in building cult objects in the city of Berat. Located on the bottom side of Mangalem’s neighborhood and was built in the early XIX century, to serve wards Bachelor of various guilds of the city, to bring together the unmarried craftsmen who also carry out the task of night watchmen in the market place.
Characteristic of this monument is the application of mural painting in internal and external facades. The paiting dates back to 1827-1828 and is known for a high level of composition. The mural painting is applied inside the prayer hall in two horizontal rows. For a better function in the service of the believers in the back porch of the mosque was built a mihrab in the wall.
The minaret is of a low style while the front monument, to adapt to the terrain, perches on a porch with columns of gray stone circles. The Mosque rises two floors to suit the steep terrain, where the lower floor perches up to a portico with columns of gray stone circles
Another particular is fencing the open porch upstairs with arches from three sides. Also in the external appearance, the Bachelors mosque is distinguished for its massive volume, low minaret and the front arch with columns of stone circles.