Abas Ali’s Tekke is located on the south side of Mount Tomori, on top of the mountain called Kulmak, up to 2400 m above sea level. The sanctuary of the Bektashi sect where takes place the pilgrimage in the last week of August, was declared a cultural monument in 2008.
The path to the shrine passes in a beautiful natural landscape on the east slope of Tomori. Before you go to the holy place of Abbas Ali shrine, can stop for a break at the buildings that are part of tekke, found below in height.

The four-day pilgrimage culminates with the sacrifice of lamb on a spit at the shrine that is the most interesting moment of all festive ceremony. The holy place is visited not only by locals but also by many others across Albania. Recently, thanks to an investment, the holy place is rearranged to serve better the many visitors.