Backa’s Tekke is located in the village of Backa, in the district of Skrapar and belongs to Bektashi sect of the area. Tekkes were built almost equally spaced from each – other in order to ensure the movement of believers and people during their travels.
At the same time, the Tekke didn’t serve only for religious activities but also for social activities such as receiving travelers and especially during the Renaissance served as bases for patriotic respective areas. As architectural building Backa’s Tekke stands for its highly functional layout, using different construction techniques, two-story volume.
During the communist era, the Tekke was converted into a school, bringing the transformation of the monument. In different architectural parts may be mentioned square pillars of tuff stone (but actually a part of it is covered by a layer of lime) placed in the capitals and bases of simple architectural forms.
Also the entries are made of vault stone. Most particular are the two lions facing each other, made in a square stone relief, in one of the entrances to the monument