The preparation of the Management Plan is necessary according to Article 5 of the World Heritage Convention,  with the aim “to adopt a general policy which aims to give the cultural and natural heritage a function in the life of the community, and to integrate the protection of that heritage into comprehensive planning programs.

The Management Plan of the Historic Center and Buffer Zone of Berat, is a revision of the existing Management Plan prepared during the preparation of Berat file for the nomination to UNESCO List ( prepared in 2007), and it is a contribution to the final development of the Management Plan .

The revision of the Plan was made with the aim to better involve the stakeholders in respond to the developments and threats that the Historic Center and Buffer zone face with and to give ways of day to day management  issues related to the protection and revitalization of the Site, after six years from the inscription to World Heritage List.

The revision of the Plan is made in the framework of SUSTCULT Project ( ‘’Achieving Sustainability through an integrated approach to the management of cultural heritage’’)  funded by the European Union, Program of South East Europe..

The process of the preparation of the Plan  was preceded and linked with the  other SUSTUCULT activities :

•Setting-up of 7 local networks and a transnational SEE network in the field of cultural heritage management,- The SUSTCULT local network established in Berat and composed from the  representatives of the public authorities, NGOs , business and civil society was a supportive group for the coordination of SUSTCULT activities and especially for the preparation of the Plan. The transnational SEE network was a fruitful cooperation, which helped the work of the SUSTCULT team of Berat through sharing experiences and best practices in the management of the cultural heritage .

•Development and running of a Web GIS platform for heritage knowledge management and promotion;- The preparation of the WEBGIS Platform for the buffer zone and Historic Center of Berat served as a good data basis for the preparation of the Plan , which filled it with the updated information on cultural heritage, tourism, cultural and economic activities in the Site.

The marketing strategy and the business plan for the selected areas in the Site, will follow up  the objectives prepared by the Plan , relevant to revitalization and stimulation of the jobs through tourism development.

The Plan was prepared by the Regional Directorate of National Culture Berat  and Municipality of Berat in close cooperation with the SUSTCULT partners and under the assistance of UNESCO Office in Venice ( observer partner in the Project) .