The Course is aimed at strengthen capacity for integrated planning and management of cultural heritage sites.

The on site workshops are to be held on partner sites for providing the participants with “hands-on” experience on preparing/integrating the management plan for their sites, and possibly reinforce the concepts and skills acquired during the e-learning period.

The workshop is aimed at providing support in loco for further elaboration and implementation of partner sites management plans by applying the “Methodology for the Integrated Sustainable Management of Cultural Heritage Sites”, developed by the SUSTCULT consortium.

The workshops are based on a “learning by doing” approach, expert will support participants to work operatively on their management plans and will facilitate knowledge sharing and awareness raising on some key-issues that are at the core of a cultural heritage site sustainable management.

The 7 heritage sites are thus considered as “learning resources” bringing about opportunities for awareness-raising both for heritage managers, stakeholders and wider audiences on the role of cultural heritage for sustainable development.

The workshops represent as well an opportunity to work cooperatively among those who are directly involved in the management of the cultural heritage sites.

Some key issues

The workshops will give inputs as well on some aspects that need to be further developed to be understood, supported and practised by decision-makers and managers at local, regional and national level:

–      the concept of “integration” of programmes, plans, initiatives for the planning and effective management of heritage sites;

–      the participation and consultation among responsible bodies, stakeholders and local communities and their involvement within the whole process of a management plan preparation and implementation.

Participant’s profile


The training activities are addressed to those who are directly involved in the management of cultural heritage sites within the SUSTCULT partnership (managers, planners, officers, experts, practitioners).