Inside the seat of the noble class has been found a monogram with Latin letters which proves that the seat has been built before the XV century. It might have been built during the Muzakas Feudal Principality. It had two towers which protected well its entrance. The walls of the seat have been built with broken stones supported by tiles and roof tiles.  It has been built later in time than the acropolis.
Inside is a water cistern over which was built the palace of the noble class. It is thought that the water cistern was built in the XII-XIII centuries. The water was collected in the cistern through a system of pipes that exploited the rain water. The water carrying part of the cistern is underground so as the water could be kept fresh. The walls have been plastered with mortar mixed with tile powder which stopped the water from leaking outside. For more security over the surface has been added a thin layer of mortar mixed with egg yoke.